It seems they never saw this one coming

Employees working the Disney parks in Orlando say they’ve never seen the parks so empty, a result of the company’s new “go woke” policy.

When the policy was announced last week, the

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Eric Florack on April 8th, 2022

I just spent five unfortunate minutes waiting through some enviro whack job and his diatribe of wanting to reduce the Earth’s population to give the earth a chance to heal.

I asked him if he was willing to off himself

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Eventually, the truth will out.

Assuming the voting machines don’t magically kick in 8 million votes for Democrats again, there’s a hard rain going to fall in the midterms.

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That’s right, I said acquittal.

It turns out, you can’t be breaking and entering if the police are standing there and holding the door open for you. Who would have thought?

This acquittal points out why the Democrats were

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