So, let’s see if I understand this:

Leftists are upset because Florida has taken away the tax breaks formerly given to the Megacorporation, Disney. On it’s face, that’s more than a little odd, from a group who invariably (and inexplicably) claims we should be taxing businesses more.

But it gets weirder: They claim now that those taxes will be taken out of the pockets of the residents in Florida. How is that possible when Disney will be paying those taxes, for the first time in decades?

Weirder still; After decades of telling us that corporations are not people, they’re now complaining that Florida is not respecting the Disney corporation’s freedom of speech?

Ya know….. Somehow, I get the idea that they’re not really thought their argument through.

As an aside, I suspect and suppose it’s a matter of time before the stockholders level a lawsuit against Disney executives for not acting in the best interests of the company…. Which will in turn Force Disney to make an about face on their promoting leftism and the sexualization of 5-year-olds.

And I suspect that’s what really bothers them.