Back on April 19th I said the following:

My read is that Elon Musk is going to be taking over Twitter regardless of what the board has to say about it initially.

Of course there was a large number of people who don’t have a clue about how these things work, laughing at me and telling me it simply wasn’t going to happen.

And so this morning the information started leaking out the Twitter was actually negotiating a deal with Musk.

Twitter is reportedly closing in on a deal to sell itself to Tesla CEO Elon Musk after weeks of publicly battling Musk over his initial offer.

But of course among the leftists, there’s always hope that they’ll be able to maintain their stranglehold.

An agreement could be reached as soon as Monday as the board negotiates with Musk over his $46.5 billion offer to buy the social media platform, The New York Times (NYT) reported, citing unnamed sources. The board reportedly met Sunday to discuss the offer. The deal could possibly fall through, the NYT reported.

Yeah, right. And I could become a ballerina within the next couple of weeks.

The bottom line is the shareholders aren’t going to let this one go by. If the board screws up this deal, there’s going to be a shareholder revolt.

At this point the board has a choice. They either accept the offer from Musk, or they find the company changing hands with them left out in the financial cold… Which in my view is something that they richly deserve.

Which way they go, depends on how stupid they want to be. Either way, they’re all done.