The meltdown is glorious.

Now that the deal is completed as I predicted, I think we can also make a prediction that the left is going to be throwing sexual scandal allegations at him before the week is out. Let’s face it it’s the crutch they always seem to lean on when they can’t get anything else going.

Or maybe they can try a Chinese connection. As an example,Jeff Bezos is trying to float the idea that Musk got financial help from the Chinese to secure the deal. Wait a minute, isn’t 80% of what Amazon sells made in China? I mean really, how lame is the left going to get over this?

It strikes me as interesting that since Elon Musk is a native of South Africa, that makes him the first African American to own a social media platform. Yeah he’ll never get credit for it being the wrong color and all,.

So he’s going to fire 12 floors worth of leftists? Maybe they can learn to weld or something. Or maybe they can learn to code?

And finally….

“Elon Musk, you just bought Twitter. What are you going to do now?”

” I’m going to Disneyworld!!”