A few thoughts as we watch the world go by:

+ Amusing, that the same leftists who have been complaining that corporations don’t pay enough taxes, are currently complaining that Disney might have to pay more taxes. Meantime, Disney has lost something like 50 billion dollars because of the mess that they’ve inserted themselves into. Personally, I’m waiting for the stockholders to level a suit against the board because it’s obvious they weren’t acting in the company’s best interest, nor the best interest of the stockholders.

+ For all the kvetching from the left about how Trump supporters are election deniers, what do we say about the Democrats who for all the world still believe that Hillary Clinton won in 2016? Yeah they do exist I’ve run into a number of them online.

+ Those same leftists are championing those who were protesting in the capital on January 6th couple years ago. Yet I don’t see any of them complaining about Justice not being served those who burned Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Seattle and however many other cities.

And while it’s true that theBiden DOJ has been crowing about how some 300 have been charged with crimes related to those incidents, you didn’t hear it from the mainstream media. Nor for that matter have we heard of any convictions…. Nor do I suppose that we will.

+I’ve been saying in these spaces for over two decades now that the problem for the GOP is they spend too much time trying to get along with the Democrats, and not fighting back. That’s one thing that Donald Trump gave us, is the ability to fight back… The left can’t handle it ….but perhaps more importantly the GOP establishment can’t, either.

+ Both Netflix and Disney have stock crashes currently going on. Do you suppose they’ll ever admit that they’re embracing the left and the culture war that it has levied against America? Matt Margolis points out that this is hardly new for the left. As an example he points to the time Obama used his oval office pedestal in an attempt to sexualize 5 year olds.