Eric Florack on August 21st, 2022

It interests me to watch the left go from “defund the police” to “support the FBI”.

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Jim Jordan is saying the 14 different FBI agents have come forward as whistleblowers about the blatent abuse of power in the raid of Donald Trump’s home.

You know, it’s funny how the mainstream media hasn’t said anything about this.

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Eric Florack on August 20th, 2022
We’ve been hearing this nonsense from the chicken littles of the world about global warming global cooling okay, we’ll call it climate change just so we’re covered either way nature decides to go.

These idiots have been trying to shut

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Eric Florack on August 20th, 2022
The vindictiveness of Democrats knows no limit, apparently. From the organization that calls itself CBS News, by the way of an organization with much more credibility, Hot Air

The government is continuing its highly “successful” campaign to identify and

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Eric Florack on August 19th, 2022
Why on Earth would the FBI be all hot and bothered about Trump hanging on to nuclear codes,

over a year away from the transition of power?, I mean, don’t they change those things once in awhile?

People, the claim

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Eric Florack on August 18th, 2022
Personally, I’m extraordinarily glad that Liz Cheney is not having to pretend that she lives in Wyoming anymore. But watching how she acted after she received her much deserved spanking is instructive, I do believe.

I’ll just come right out

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Eric Florack on August 17th, 2022
Now that Liz Cheney has received her much deserved spanking, what has she learned? It seems safe to say she’s learned absolutely nothing. Such is the way with leftists, even ones that pretend to be Republican.

She even tried

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Eric Florack on August 16th, 2022

Somehow I get the feeling we’re not being told the whole story here.

In this case, a 4-year-old Italian greyhound developed lesions and tested positive for monkeypox 12 days after its owners first showed symptoms. The owners are two

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Well, not all of them. And actually it’s been going on since the late 1890s. But here’s a primer…

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Eric Florack on August 16th, 2022

More evidence that the American people are not buying the defense of the left by the supposed mainstream media.

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Eric Florack on August 15th, 2022
Passing thoughts for today

# Remember that the same people that are telling us it’s impossible to hire armed guards for schools, are the same people that just hired 87,000 IRS agents.

# The idea of FBI Stormtroopers rifling Melena

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Eric Florack on August 15th, 2022
Ladies and gentlemen, these are your plans: ridiculously expensive personal transportation and unreliable government transportation.

Or you could always ride a bike.

This morning’s Boston Herald, by no means a bastion of right-wing thought, relates the story:

With just a

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Here’s another case where the actual fact doesn’t match the fear mongering.

Snowfan here zooms in on the chart for greater detail and reports that for this date, ice extent in the Arctic stands at a 12-year high:

Climate changes

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Eric Florack on August 14th, 2022
Obviously, the answer is an unquestionable YES. Matt Vespa at Town Hall:

Later this week, the unsealed search warrant pointed to allegations of obstruction of justice and violations of the Espionage Act, which, to quote the late Justice Antonin

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Eric Florack on August 10th, 2022
Odd, that a nation founded because of governmental over-reach and taxation, should now be dealing with 87,000 IRS agents…

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