Eric Florack on September 19th, 2003

AP’s wire reports:
Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark backtracked from a day-old statement that he probably would have voted for the congressional resolution authorizing the use of force in Iraq, saying Friday he “would never have voted for this war.”

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Eric Florack on September 19th, 2003

According to reports I’m hearing, Ahmad surrendered to authorities in Mosul.
More as I find it.

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Eric Florack on September 19th, 2003

Some added details are coming out about Wesley Clark. The most revealing are those he has penned himself.
Like for example, one in Washington Monthly.

Clark depends too heavily on internationalist, and not enough on Americanism. It is increasingly and

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Eric Florack on September 19th, 2003

Bootz came up with this one this morning. I’ll echo it here in total. He’s right on the money.


By now you’ve heard of Ted Kennedy’s interview with the Associated Press. It was

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Eric Florack on September 19th, 2003

A story from New zealand this morning, that Ol’ Yassir is threatening to killhimself because he’s being expelled by the people he’s been killing.

Well, Yassir? We’re waiting. Get it done.

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