Eric Florack on September 16th, 2003

You will recall, I mentioned in a couple bits about how CNN Lied, and as it turned out, the NY Times lied too, as regards a number of issues on Iraq.  The story keeps popping up. This time, It’s

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Eric Florack on September 16th, 2003

Boortz passes on this morning, the fact that the leftist Washinton POst was caught twisting the truth to their own ends, again:

Here’s a link to a front page story from yesterday’s Washington Post.  The story details Vice President


Eric Florack on September 16th, 2003

Well, if anyone was going to roadblock the will of the people in California, you just knew the Nincompoop Ninth Circus Court was going to be involved. And of course, in typical, and quite predictable leftist style, they charge that

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Eric Florack on September 16th, 2003

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It is something of an indication of where we are, in the state of the western world, when we can pass our time, and our anger in relative minutiae. As someone else recently noted to me;

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