• At some point, the rain around here has to stop. Not that we’ve had flooding of any serious amounts, but it’s rained around here about every day this summer, for at least part of the day. Today is another example.
  • Yet another example for us all, of how “The Moderate Voice“, isn’t.  Am I getting through, yet, people?
  • McGehee notes the Ted Stevens thing  I mentioned yesterday, and figures he’ll get re-elected anyway. He attributes this to Alaska being rather pathetic when it comes to it’s congress-critters. I don’t know as I fully disagree, but it must be said that given what the Democrats represent, the folks up there must figure he’s still the lesser of the evils.
  • Let’s see… Businesses running away form the taxes and the unfunded mandates, and taking jobs with them, enviro-whack jobs costing the state billions, along with causing fuel prices like nowhere else in the country…and of course earthquakes. Makes me want to move right out there. What’s not to love? Sheesh.
  • Speaking of taxes,  here’s some interesting stats from the Tax Foundation. Next time you hear the rich folks aren’t paying ‘their share’, here’s your numbers.
  • Climate Change: Women and minorities hardest hit.  What a joke James Clyburn is.
  • That ‘visiting the troops’ story is currently biting the annoited one in the ass. I can’t say I disapprove of him paying the price on this one.
  • Obama. Reparations. ‘Nuff said.
  • And what can be said when even Dana Millbank…  (Who, we hasten to add, we labeled as the king of presumption, back in his hunting hat days) labels Obama as presumptuous, you know it’s well past time to start going short on Obama being the next Presdient.
  • Oh, speaking of Obama, I’m willing to bet he’s not too happy with Investors’ Business Daily. Too bad for Obama, but good for us.  People are starting to catch on to the financial and social disaster Obama represents.
  • Glenn notes Mediabloggers saying thte the stats show bloggers who get sued win about 92% of the time. Pretty good odds, really.
  • John Kerry, Party animal. But would Teresa approve?  Somehow, I begin to suspect there’s going to be some chatter about who gets the Heinz fortune. Hot Air’s Allahpundit notes the story too, and notes what is perhaps the funniest thing about all this; The pics they have of the event show him to be totally out of touch with what’s going on; completely out of his element. (Has anyone ever figured out what, exactly his ‘element’ is? When is he ever in touch with his surroundings?
  • New Computer for Number one son: Actually, an old system, lots faster han his old one. It’ll take a while to build, though.
  • Oil went up a bit today, which is to be expected after yesterday.  But did you see this report, today?  Note the price we’re suppsoed to be going to… $78/bbl, right where I said it’d go. But why is this being floated now? Frankly, my biggest fear involved with this drop is that the pressure is off to drill domestically. The problem with that is we’re still vulnerable, and we’re still pumping money out of America hand over fist.  The lower prices will cause us to be more inclined not to drill, I think… and that’s a fatal move we’ve done before.  We need to produce oil here at home as a matter of national security, not just as a matter of price control, and it’s time we started approaching the issue that way. 
  •  Interesting… trailvoy.com is planning a get together at the place where they make the Chevy Trailblazer, the GMC Envoy, and of course my Buick Rainier. as well as the Saab 9-7x, out in  Moraine, OH. They’re planning on the 24th, I hear. I may even go. We’ll see.
  • Getting a lot of hits the last few days from John Hawkins site… particularly from his Q1 version of the Forty favorite Bloggers, where Bitsblog won an honorable mention.  I’m still excited by that HM, but I wonder why all the activity, suddenly. Anticipation?

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