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This is the “We Need a Basketball” Edition


  • The Infomercial: Heck no, I didn’t watch it. Neither did most other Americans. Those who did are reporting about what I expected… Obama didn’t deliver. Instead, he ended up trying to defense the indefensible. It’s clear to anyone who has been wathing, for example that his claim of ‘our economic recovery rides on healthcare’ is pure crap.. at least insofar as how HE means it. In reality, the only way this economy is going to recover is if Obama doesn’t get his wish about the government takeover of our healthcare.  Boortz has comments. So does Michelle.  So does Stephen Green.  And Kaus. Karl Rove, too.
  • The Votes aren’t there for Obamacare: If you want further proof that the dog and pony show run by Obama last night did’t sell a soul on the plan, look at the reaction from Dingy Harry. He’d not be pushing this thing off if he had the votes. Oh… and neither does Pelosi.
  • Did Stimulus help or hurt?  Most say it hurt. I can’t imagine that perception is helping Obama with his Obamacare sales pitch, either.  As a whole, they think the country is pointed in  the wrong direction.
  • In Jersey, everything’s legal as long as you don’t get caught (Extra points: Where’s that line from?)
  • Camero??

    The Caddy CTS-V

    What are the implications of the Chevy Camero being a hot sales item?  Look, the issues about salesmanship aisde, for the moment… the thing is selling well above sticker in most cases… when you can get the bleedin’ thing. But none of the suppsoedly ‘eco-freindly’ cars are anywhere near that status. Think about what that means in terms of customer preferences. Personally, I’m looking at a Caddy CTS-V. This thing is a monster… and one I want. I’ll get one, too, eventually. 560 HP, 6 speed. Rear drive, and a real frame, as God intended. Zero to sixty in under 4, top ends at about 165 and handles like it’s on rails and still very much a Caddy. May as well be comfortable while you’re pissing off that moron in the Prius with the ‘save the world’ stickers holding the back end of it together.


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