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Won is the loneliest number, By Mike Wereschagin, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Congressmen Jason Altmire and Tim Murphy have previous engagements.  Sen. Bob Casey Jr. and Rep. Mike Doyle are out of town on anniversary trips with their wives. Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato will be campaigning in Philadelphia.

When President Obama and Sen. Arlen Specter land at Pittsburgh International Airport today, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl will receive them by himself.

The rest of the region’s top elected officials declined White House invitations to attend Obama’s speech at Carnegie Mellon University this afternoon, their offices said.

Not to worry Barry, you always have BFD  Biden.

Mere words, Dim Won in Pennsylvania, from the Los Angeles Slmes:

A feisty President Obama, whose popularity has been slipping in the polls, travels to Pennsylvania on Wednesday, where he will chastise Republicans and the oil company BP as he defends his administration’s  efforts to build “a new foundation” for the country as it comes out of recession.

“America does not stand still. We move forward,” Obama will say, according to excerpts from his speech, which were distributed by the White House. “We must build a new, stronger foundation for growth and prosperity – and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for the last 16 months.”

Led, follow or get out of the way.

Mayor Daley versus freedom, Jeromy Lott, RCP:

Talk about your inconvenient truth. Five days after Chicago Mayor Richard Daley had held a press conference touting the benefits of the city’s handgun ban by brandishing a rifle with a bayonet and — I swear I am not making this up — cracking a joke about shoving it up a reporter’s bum, an 80-year-old man on the West Side of Chicago traded gunfire with a burglar, killing the intruder

Free citizens have the right to carry weapons wherever they may travel, without making a donation to Da Mayor’s campaign slush fund.

He is creepy and kooky, Joe McGiness, Today interview, video:

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