A video shows four purported Marine rendering due respect to purported dead Taliban fighters, from Useless Toady:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Thursday condemned as “utterly deplorable” a video that purports to depict four U.S. Marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters. He said such behavior is “entirely inappropriate for members of the United States military” and those responsible will be held accountable.

I have my opinion of what the Marines are doing and my attitude has to how appropriate the short arm salute,  may or my not be.    However,  the linked video does not shows any short arms on display.   So Secretary Panetta does not know  just what the four standing gentlemen are in fact Marines or just what they are doing.   Given Panetta’s lack of information it is time for him to pull his proverbial Johnson out of his mouth and shut the flock up.   Is Panetta attempting to exert command influence for over an investigation he ordered?   Is Panetta even aware of the prejudicial nature of remarked   I am tempted to nominate Panetta for a sheet on the John Murtha Roll of Shame.   Permission to speak freely granted.

The oldest military convention is the rule of Tit for Tat.   Then I suppose Panetta would wanted Tarleton’s Quarter investigated as well.

Addendum:   Passion north of border, Kathy Shaidle certainly lives up to her blog title, from Five Feet of Fury

Why not piss on them first, THEN kill them?

Besides: urine is sterile.

Diana West is more polite.

Concur that West is more polite, but I am linking her.

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