Libtards proclaim that women has the right to chnose to kill their unborn  baby, but has anybody ever asked the unborn if wants to be killed?   From, the dim wit Kevin Drum moans in Mother Jones, via Smitty, Other McCain:

So don’t tell me that all the conservative Christians in DesJarlais’ district believe that abortion is murder. They may say they believe it. They may even sincerely think they believe it. But they don’t.


  • A unique human life begins as conception, when sperm meets egg.
  • A abortion is a procedure intended to end a human life.
  • Many, consider the immoral taking of human life to be murder.
  • As, murder is defined as the illegal killing of a another person. While an unborn baby is indeed a human being, and can be nothing else, our nine resident perverts in black robes, a/k/a the Supreme Court, refuse to recognize a yet to be born human being as person with rights that need to respected.

As question for Mr. Drum, if the Supreme Court were to declare that one Kevin Drum is not a person, would he object to being killed?

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