Dean  Wormer Old Dominion University, has a problem.   Some person, or persons, who may or may not be male and who may or may not be students at Old Dominion University may have a sense of irony and let it their sense of humor get the better of them, from Fox News:

The national office of the Sigma Nu fraternity suspended all activities at its Old Dominion University chapter Monday as it opened an investigation into three sexually suggestive banners that were hung from the front porch of the group’s off-campus house over the weekend.

“The Fraternity condemns the derogatory and demeaning language used on the banners,” the fraternity’s executive director Brad Beacham said in a statement. “Such language has no place in our Fraternity or within any caring community, such as that of ODU.” Beacham vowed that any fraternity members deemed responsible for what he called the “reprehensible display” would be held accountable.

Dean Wormer could complain about this would be student coarsening the culture at ODU, is only ODU did not present the Vagina Monologues yearly:

The Vagina Monologues 2014

ODU VDAY 2014 is proud to present the annual benefit production of “The Vagina Monologues” which celebrates women’s sexuality and strength through wit and grace. All proceeds raised will support VDAY’s Spotlight Campaign and our community partner, Response of the YWCA, to end violence against women and girls.

Dean Wormer gets all upset than an apparently heterosexual male(men) were trolling for willing heterosexual females.  Oh the same.  Yet the Vagina Monologues celebrates rape of minors, albeit, female predication of females below the age of consent.   So in the spirit of helpfulness, here are edit and politically correct versions of the bed sheets.

  • “Rowdy and fun hope your baby girl boy is ready for a good time…”
  • “Freshman daughter son drop off”, with an arrow pointing to the house’s front door
  • “Go ahead and drop off mom younger brother too…”

Dean Wormer, and Old Dominion are simply not in the position to lecture anybody on sexual morality.

Note, Social Justice Warriors believe that while women are strong enough to be Army Rangers, they to too delicate to handle a inept invitation for sex.  Go figure.