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It is something of an indication of where we are, in the state of the western world, when we can pass our time, and our anger in relative minutiae. As someone else recently noted to me; when the exact location of Madonna’s tongue, or the on again off again wedding plans for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are considered front page news, you can pretty much figure we’re still here; that the threats we face are not larger, at least, than they were the day before.

One conclusion to be drawn from this is one you’re not likely to see mentioned in the press of today, given their leftist lean. Specifically, that the White House is doing a far better job than they’re being given credit for by the leftists who desperately want back into the place. Indeed, were any of the current crop of challengers to obtain it, I wonder if they could do as good a job and President Bush and his people have done? Somehow, I tend to doubt it. I wonder if anyone else will make that connection?

Consider it; yes, we’re involved in a war, one that was brought to us, and had we had someone more vigilant in office during the 90’s would have been avoided. Yes, we must be vigilant, more so than we have in the past. But as I say, we could have used a little more vigilance anyway.

However that may be, it is indisputable, that the Islamofacists, who sought to bring us to our knees as a nation and as a culture, have not succeeded. It is they, not us and our friends, who are on the run. We’re in a state of normalcy that few would have predicted, two years ago today…. a state that had we had different leadership, would certainly not exist today.

There is no other conclusion that may be drawn here, but that the President and his people are doing an excellent job; does anyone seriously think if they were not, that we would not be under attack as you read this? Does anyone seriously consider that they’re holding back on the goodness of their hearts?

No. They only available answer is that thanks to the leadership of President Bush, Al Quieda’s leadership has been all but destroyed. bin Laden is likely dead. But even if he is alive, he’s been reduced to threats delivered by audiotape of questionable origins. The training camps have been shut down, most of the leadership is dead, jailed, or on the run. Instead of attacking our citizens, they’re forced to defend themselves from our military, which is why the attacks outside of Iraq (and Israel) have all but halted.

The rabid dogs that saw us as fear- filled, soft, gutless, who saw us as an easy pushover, and so attacked us, have had their heads returned to them via parcel post. This is no small accomplishment, though the left tries to separate this victory from its import, and from the man who led us to it.

To my mind there are some serious questions about the reason behind the willingness to so seriously question President Bush’s obvious leadership ability and motives. Given what is clearly at stake, here, it seems clear that the President’s leftist opponents at the very least are placing their own political power needs, over the needs of the country.

These people have been about denying the danger we were and are in, apparently to try and wrest power away from the center and the right that they hate so much. Yet these too are being less than successful.

Recent polling data suggests that the connections between Saddam Hussein and Al Quieda that have always existed, are now seen and understood by all but the loudest 30% of Americans, including the anti-American left. In this grouping, I include the anti-Bush at all costs Democrats… Including all of the Democrats currently running for the Presidential Nomination of that party.

The reason the steady drumbeat of “it’s all Bush’s fault” has fallen off the front page is really rather simple: The American public isn’t buying the usual Democrat/socialist Mantra. Regardless of what this very vocal and very desperate minority claims, The people know there is no longer any question that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was training Islamic terrorists south of Baghdad at a place called the Salman Pak Training Facility. This point has been repeatedly confirmed both by documentation found by our troops as they wade through the mass of documentation, but also by Iraqi defectors. We also know, through financial records, that Saddam Hussein was paying millions to Ayman al-Zawahiri, who was bin Laden’s chief deputy.

It’s only the anti-Americans who claim this is false that the troops and the defectors are lying, else that it’s been “exaggerated.” Again, in this title of ‘anti-Americans” I include liberal Democrats.

As an example of the anti-Americanism, I offer a quote that Andrew Sullivan points up in his blog the other day; a quote from Jonathan Schell, which seems to say it all; it sums up the anti-Americanism embedded in the left wing:

“Biden says we must win the war. This is precisely wrong. The United States must learn to lose this war Â- a harder task, in many ways, than winning, for it requires admitting mistakes and relinquishing attractive fantasies. This is the true moral mission of our time (well, of the next few years, anyway).” – Jonathan Schell, saying out loud what many on the Left believe, and have long believed. Good that some of them are finally being more honest about their loathing of the West.

The Democrats should not be trusted, having been exposed as liars,and as anti-American to the core.Those who vote for Democrats are electing the enemies of America. It’s really that simple, that direct, and that profound…. Their goals, if realized, will weaken us to our destruction. They should certainly not be allowed anywhere near the reins of power.

To give this point some focus, (this cannot be overstated) consider that we’d not be discussing this at all, that 9/11 would never have happened at all, had their hero Bill Clinton, actually done what he swore to do when he took the oath of office…. being vigilant enough to protect our country, not simply to divert attention from his latest lie.

Which brings me to an offer; those making all these claims against the President; I say, let them come forward. But let them do so with the same levels of proof in hand that they demanded for the charges of most Americans, against Bill Clinton.

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