Eric Florack on November 4th, 2003

Viking Pundit

I was going to do my own write up, but Matt seems to have nailed it rather well.

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Well, now, isn’t THIS interesting?

Among other things, the memo recommends that Democrats “prepare to launch an investigation when it becomes clear we have exhausted the opportunity to usefully collaborate with the [Senate] majority. We can pull the trigger on

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Eric Florack on November 4th, 2003

ANGRY LEFT is reporting this morning that the ruling Liberal Democrats in Japan are looking to change their constitution. Why? To allow themselves a bigger Military so that they can aid the world in places like Iraq.

This ought to

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Eric Florack on November 4th, 2003

I actually had graphics allset up reminding readers to vote…. but they were for the old webpage designs and so won’t work well, in the new design.  Still… VOTE TODAY.

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Eric Florack on November 4th, 2003

Sullivan notes he’s been getting a lot of mail like this.

“If any of the Democrats want to win, they will need to get my vote. I understand that this sort of statement will ring of self-grandeur in such a

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Eric Florack on November 4th, 2003

CBS’s statement is, in part:

“CBS will not broadcast THE REAGANS on November 16 and 18.  This decision is based solely on our reaction to seeing the final film, not the controversy that erupted around a draft of the script.”

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