Well, now, isn’t THIS interesting?

Among other things, the memo recommends that Democrats “prepare to launch an investigation when it becomes clear we have exhausted the opportunity to usefully collaborate with the [Senate] majority. We can pull the trigger on an independent investigation of the administration’s use of intelligence at any time — but we can only do so once … the best time would probably be next year.” 

In short, when we don’t get our way…. Call for an investigation.

“The draft memo was not approved nor was it shared with any member of the Senate Intelligence Committee or anyone else” says Jay Rockefeller.

Umm, Jay? So why are so many already mouthing this nonsense?
Clearly, many leading Democrtats have already seen it, and are following it’s dictates.

I’ll post the text as soon as I find it. Meantime, here’s the link to the story.
FOXNews.com – Politics – Democrats Mull Politicizing Iraq War Intelligence

By the way, I notice that the memo was apparently leaked by a member of the Senate Intel Committee, and most likely a Democrat. If so, it looks like there’s at least one more Democrat that can’t stand the tactics that party is taking of late.

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