Eric Florack on November 7th, 2003

And does a bangup job of it, too.
You may recall I made refernce to an argument I’ve seen surface the last few days, that puts into dirct comparison the ucrrent situation, to the situation in Germany at the end

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Eric Florack on November 7th, 2003

I do not read and will no longer link, the New York Times. I don’t want to give them the page traffic. But I still get reports from readers. Here’s a quote in my mailbox this morning from Maureen Dowd:

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Eric Florack on November 7th, 2003

Just truthful for a change.

Alter:Gutless at CBS

Says Alter:

” BUT IF THIS IS, as Drudge says, “the beginning of a second media century, much more of a people-driven media” we should look a little harder at what

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