CBS’s statement is, in part:

“CBS will not broadcast THE REAGANS on November 16 and 18.  This decision is based solely on our reaction to seeing the final film, not the controversy that erupted around a draft of the script.”

Yeah, right. Sure, had nothing to do with it.
Well, I’ll grant that it’s possible, but if so, the finished product they claim to have made their judgements on was even worse than those parts of the script that were leaked….

A press release from the Boycott CBS site:
Washington, DC, November 4, 2003 – founder Michael Paranzino issued the following statement tonight reacting to media reports by Matt Drudge and the New York Times that CBS has decided not to air its smear of the Reagans:

“This is a great victory for all fair-minded Americans, and it is a wake-up call to the out of touch liberals in Hollywood.

“It should not have taken threats of a boycott to wake up corporate America to the fact that Americans are sick and tired of vicious lies masquerading as entertainment.  And it should not have taken a national groundswell of hundreds of thousands of Americans to make Hollywood and CBS realize that an attack on the Reagans is seen by most Americans as an attack on our values.

“I am troubled by reports that CBS may simply give its failed program to its sister cable outlet, Showtime.  A smear is a smear, and a lie is a lie.  This desperate effort to save face with the fringe Left by having a different Viacom company air this mean-spirited movie will only further increase public cynicism about Viacom and all its companies.  We are already being bombarded by emails urging us to redirect the boycott to Showtime and other Viacom properties.  Let’s hope Viacom comes to its senses in the days ahead.  But I am gratified by the fact that Showtime’s audience is a tiny fraction of what it would have been on a broadcast network.

“To the hundreds of thousands of Americans who visited our site and joined our movement, I thank you.  And to the wags who smirked that a grass roots movement would only increase the viewership of the Reagan smear, I say never doubt the power of the American people when they are motivated from the heart.  We worked together, and we won big.

“Twenty three years ago today, Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter in an election that marked a positive turning point for our great nation.  Over the past nine days through this web site, the American people have said thank you to President Reagan.  May God bless Ronald and Nancy Reagan.”

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