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Alter:Gutless at CBS

Says Alter:

” BUT IF THIS IS, as Drudge says, “the beginning of a second media century, much more of a people-driven media” we should look a little harder at what that might entail. More gutless TV executives? Programming that caters to loud political partisans? Fictionalized treatment of historical figures that cannot be critical?”

That such has been going on for years doesn’t bother Alter, apparently. Oh, wait; this time it’s the LEFTIST activism that gets thwarted.

And does alter know the difference between being critical and lying outright?

At least Alter has the minimal integrity required, though to state what I’ve been saying right along:

More important, it is not Censorship when people organize boycotts or public campaigns trying to keep something off the air. (Censorship, remember, is when the government controls what is published or broadcast). This was plain old free speech.

Says Alter:

“CBS whopper was exceeded only by Drudge, who told Joe Scarborough on MSNBC that if they went and did a Clinton story [that was critical] there would be just as much outrage.’ Yo, Matt. Spare us. If the Fox network wants to air a docudrama about how terrible Bill and Hillary were (and it’s only a matter of time), do you really think it would be pulled because of pressure from advertisers?”

Perhaps not, Jon. Then again, to show that, at least they’d not need to lie about it.

For all of Alter’s crying in his beer, the funniest part of the whole thing was comparing “The Reagans” to “The Missles of October”.. another CBS docudrama, which sought to fawn all over the Kennedys, and utterly ignored their mishandling of the affair, and of foreign policy which in the end, lead to that stand-off.

Alter’s bia s is so pervasive, he can’t even see it himself. Which, I suppose should shock nobody; He’s a liberal.

Alter has apparently missed the idea that Moonves, himself no conservative, said this project was totally biased and out of control. Perhaps that point doesn’t matter to the liberals, who are not used to having any serious challanges to their propaganda posed. The liberals ahve been given a wake-up call, rather like a rolled up newspaper on the nose of an out of control dog. And, like any whipped cur, these animals will need watching for a while. Because, mark this; they WILL try to strike back.

Given this miniseries was particualrly Michial Moore-esque, one wonders if the strike back won’t come form there.

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