I do not read and will no longer link, the New York Times. I don’t want to give them the page traffic. But I still get reports from readers. Here’s a quote in my mailbox this morning from Maureen Dowd:

“If [Bush] gets more explicit, or allows the flag-draped coffins of fallen heroes to be photographed coming home, it will just remind people that the administration said this would be easy, and it’s teeth-grindingly hard.”

Mau, honey, I’m willing to bet the farm you can’t come up with a quote where he says that this action would be easy.  And you’ve got far more in the way of resources to find such a quote than most folks.

I’ve done some serious digging, including Lexus/Nexus, and I’ve never found it. Perhaps you can. Show us, please.

Meanwhile, I’ll just trust the many quotes of the Presdient teling us that none of this was going to be easy; htat we have a lot of hard work yet, and so on.

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