Eye On The Left is reporting several comments from the Blogs about the welcomeing by the Dean Camp of Uber-Leftist Ted Rall.

“‘Dean, who is likely about to run away with the nomination, is enthusiastically proclaiming the endorsement of Ted Rall, a Marxist nutcase who continually devises elaborate and paranoid conspiracy theories to explain why America is the root of all evil in the world. If after reading Rall calling for the death of American soldiers and reviewing cartoons such as this one which ran shortly after 9/11, Dean thinks that Rall’s endorsement is impressive, then Dean is a dangerous, Marxist idiot who needs to be returned to the people of Vermont'” –Captain’s Quarters

I hope the higher-ups at the campaign just haven’t read Rall’s column that I cite above, and haven’t heard of his general reputation. (I really do hope this: Though I don’t want to see Howard Dean elected, I even less want to see that the leaders of the Democratic front-runner’s campaign know Rall’s stuff and despite that cherish his endorsement — that would be a very bad thing for America.) In any event, it seems to me that they should repudiate any connection with Rall as soon as possible. – The Volokh Conspiracy

The man who urges armed resistance to American troops puts his support behind Dean. Dean’s blog celebrates, but that doesn’t mean Dean should. At some point, Dean should Sister Souljah someone like Rall. At some point, he’ll have to. – Andrew Sullivan

For those unfamiliar with Rall, he’s the unthinking man’s Tom Tomorrow. I guess Howard’s still not done tacking left… – Signifying Nothing

Today, Howard Dean’s website responds enthusiastically to an endorsement from Ted Rall. You would think they’d know better. This is like Bush accepting an endosement from Michael Savage’s nastier brother. I fully expect saner heads to prevail and disavow, as this will be death with the center come the general election. – The Interocitor

It’s what I’ve stated in this blog repeatedly;

This marxist nonsense that Rall is known for, is exactly what the left as a whole, at a foundational level, stands for. That Dean has bought into this, that he feels he has to sell himself to Rall’s Marxist followers, is proof of what the left of today is about, and Dean, without saying so is admitting it. He’s saying he has to pass the muster of those who follow this wacko left agenda to get the Democrat nomination. It’s either that, or Dean is a Marxist himself, else Dean’s an idiot who didn’t know what kind of Slimeball Rall is, that he was getting hooked up with… and frankly, I’m not sure which is worse. In any event, is this really someone we want as President?

But more frightening, yet, and more proof of what I say; will we see any Democrats disavowing this move by Dean?  I doubt it.  Perhaps more to the point: Will we see any Democrats disavowing Rall at all, Dean or no? Again, I doubt it.

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