Billy Beck makes mention of Hillary in Iowa, calling it a victory, and asking what else would you call it…

I call it lies, Billy. It’s not unexpected.

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton told Iowa Democrats Saturday night that she recently visited Washington, D.C.’s Walter Reed Army Hospital to comfort wounded soldiers coming back from Iraq, saying their plight was the result of President Bush’s arrogant foreign policy.


A comprehensive review of news reports over the last week, however, failed to turn up any mention of Sen. Clinton’s visit to Walter Reed.

It gets better….. She’s got a history of lying about such things.

The former first lady made similar claims of meetings with 9/11 victim familles to author Stephen Brill earlier this year. But when Brill attempted to confirm the visits with the families themselves, he got a different story.

“None of it turned out to be true,” he told radio host Steve Malzberg. “[Sen. Clinton’s office] gave me documents and phone calls and things like that which just plain never happened.”

Here’s the full story

Now, what would she gain by this, do you suppose?

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