I found it interesting how the idiots in Trafalgar Square, protesting against our actions in Iraq kinda just melted away when the news of the attacks against British targets in Turkey came in.

Can it be even they now understand what we’re up against?

Sullivan makes note of something else, this morning. He questions if they’ve gotten so stupid because of a lack of leadership. It’s an interesting point. It’s downright stupid to hit those targets because in doing so, you tee of both the Truks and the Brits.  All that will do is strengthen their resolve to defeat the terrorists.

Says Sullivan…

Perhaps al Qaeda is now so disorganized that it is practically incapable of any intelligent strategy. Either way, these terrible murders are indicators of something worth noting: the enemy may be falling apart. This may make it more dangerous in the short term. But it bodes well for eventual victory.

A reasonable surmise. One the left will not like, I suppose.

But again, for the record, I note that the protests in the UK, what little there were, have died down.
I’m seeing pictures showing up in blogsville, and from some of the webcams in London, that the numbers were amusingly small… certainly smaller than the press would have you think.

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