Once again, Arab Terrorists are killing Arabs, and nobody else, while trying to get at Jews.
Here’s a link to blogdom in Turkey, where this latest attack occurred. He’s a Gephardt Supporter, and therefore something of an idiot, but what the heck; he’s there.

This situation rather makes me mindful of Clevon Little in Blazing Saddles, pointing a gun to his own head and hollering: “OK, nobody move, or the nigger gets it’.

As idiodic as they are, though they are still a threat. Consider Sullivan yesterday:

When you construct an extremist movement based in part on irrational hatred of Jews, it is only a matter of time before you start targeting Jews in every country for death. That much we know from history. Except it isn’t history any more, is it? For good measure, a Jewish Middle School was just burned down in France by what even the French Interior Minister describes as anti-Semites. Never again? It’s already here.

He’s right in this of course.  And this is the second attack that missed the intended target and took out Arabs instead.

This only firms up my argument of the other day;

… logically, based on these attacks, one could ask now, as never before in recent times, if a religious fervor was *ever* at the heart of the reasoning behind ElQuieda and it’s actions. This question is far more central than some here in the US would make it, because it speaks to the question of other Arab nations supporting the remainder of the world in their war…..and war it is… with ElQuieda.

I suspect that as a result of this attack, we will see far more in the way of support from Arab nations, both direct and indirect. The notable exceptions of this would be Syria and possibly Iran.

It seems to me that by their reactions the battle lines will be drawn. I fully expect the Saudis to be very co-operative indeed with the west going forward.

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