I’ve noted this before, but haven’t said anything about it until now… and for some reason Boortz making note of it pushes me over the edge….

Those anti-Bush demonstrations in London last week? Guess who the Chariman was?
The leader of the British communist party.
Who was the co-chair?
The leader of the London Council of Mosques.

Boortz goes on from there:

Do you think this type of leadership is peculiar just to demonstrations in England?  Many of the anti-war demonstrations in the United States have been either funded or organized by a group called International ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism).  International ANSWER is affiliated with a group called the International Action Center (IAC) , and the leader of that group is none other than Ramsey Clark.  Some have gone so far as to identify the IAC as a Stalinist organization.  Ramsey Clark, by the way, was retained by Iraq as their U.S. attorney prior to the liberation.  Other groups affiliated with ANSWER and the IAC would be the Green (Socialist) Party USA, the New Communist Party of the Netherlands, International Family and Friends of (cop killer) Mumia Abu-Jamal and other leftist and/or anti-American groups. 

Want more?  On January 18th of this year the Workers World Party staged anti-American demonstrations on the East and West coasts.  Washington and San Francisco. The Workers World Party is a heavy supporter of North Korea’s gargoyle Kim Jong Il.  The principal organizer of these rallies was Brian Becker.  Becker is a board member of both ANSWER and the IAC and is a member of the secretariat of the Workers World Party in the United States.

OK .. enough.  You get the picture.  There is no shortage of people who hate America and who would willingly do America harm in the antiwar movement in this country.  Sure, the demonstrations are and should remain legal.  It’s a free country, and I have no problem with communists, fascists … whoever … peacefully demonstrating against the actions of our government.  If, however, these coalitions of antiwar and sometimes anti-American leftists serve as a breeding ground for violent plots against Americans or American targets, we need to know it. 

Thing is, we’re not being told in the press who it is who is putting these things together. The people who are responsible for telling us about such matters…. the press… has decided we don’t need to know. Just like they also decided we didn’t need to know that just under half of the few protestors they did manage to get to show up were from outside the country.

Given the history of the so-called mainstream press in this country leaning to the left, it’s not very hard to figure out why they would make those choices.

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