Talk about holding your convention in freindly territory. THe Canadian Liberals held their convention in Toronto, Ontario over the last week, replaceing one blithering idiot, Jean Chretien, with another… Paul Martin.

Supposedly, Martin’s priorities include soothing the stormy relations between Chretien and U.S. President George W. Bush.  I can’t help but think that would be far easier were the Canadian people to oust the liberals.

The press in Canada, most notably in my neck of the woods, the Main paper in London, Ontario seems to think Martin the second coming of Trudeau.

An interesting, and telling, I think, quote in the London paper….”Nobody has ever built a legacy on tax cuts. ”

Huh? Clearly, this guy is no student of history.

Bono showed up to praise Martin. (Yawn)

The only interesting twist in all of this is Chretien’s well known dislike of Martin.

Perhaps Chretien got something right, after all.

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