So, lemme see if I’m getting this right….

Teddy “Hang a left off the bridge” Kennedy, after the Senate Debate on Bush’s judicial nominees last Friday, said, “What has not ended is resolution and determination of members of the U.S. Senate to continue to resist any Neanderthal that is nominated by this president of the United States for any court.”


Kennedy has just proven what a racist little twerp he really is. Think about it;

A Harvard educated Ecuadorian immigrant, is a Neanderthal. Clearly, it can’t be the Harvard education. Must be the skin color, huh?

A judge who was re-elected with 75% of voters in California, who happens to be black is a Neanderthal?

Normally, I’d say Kennedy’s got a lot of explaining to do. But clearly these are the words of a pol who knows he’s not going to get slapped down for what he says…  not by the Democrats,and certainly not by the press, who share the Democat’s views.  I’d like to see someone rattle Al Sharpton’s cage on this one, or perhaps Carol Mosley-Braun. Wish we could depend on the press to ask them to comment on Kennedy’s statements.

But of course a press with any integrity is a pipe dream of mine.
Never mind.

And Democrats?
Forget it; Dashiele was heard defending Kennedy’s comments.Can you imagine a Republican making such comments about Democrat nominees? What would they say, do you suppose?

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