I am deeply disappointed that CBS, the network that in 1964 gave me complete artistic control in creating television specials, now caved in to right wing Republican pressure to cancel the network broadcast of the movie The Reagans. (And I say MOVIE – because this is NOT a documentary – it’s a television drama.) The movie will now be aired on Showtime, where the difference in viewership is in the millions…..This is censorship, pure and simple.

That’s not censorship, Babs… that’s the viewers being heard. Your freedom of speech does not mandate that your nonsense will be ‘heard’, nor does it preclude anyone else responding to it, inclduing withlding their own funds from it.

And “just a movie”? Tell me, why not try doing a fantasy hit peice on Bill Clinton?

Remember the Dixie Chicks controversy? It wasn’t the larger general public that called in to radio stations and burned CDs, it was a small group of right wing activists.

No, Babs… that was a large segment of the listenership… inclduing Democrats, by the way… who were threatening to remove their support.  And their ability to have their say over yours, just frosts your heart-shaped butt, doesn’t it?

And just in passing; I wonder what Liar Michial Moore is saying about all of this? After all, his movies are of a similar quality. Will any network show his films in future, given the similar nature to this anti-reagan screed Babs is crying over losing? One can hope this is a trend… because if so, his excretions will never see the public air again.

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