I’ve spent most of today, building a server for my home network. This should allow me to run quite a bit larger here at home, and I’m kind of excited about it. So, I suppose I can be forgiven for not putting anything in here today… I’m about ready to hit the hay.

But before dropping out, I like to read a while. I stumbled over a few articles I hung onto following the 9/11 attack.
I was stiuck once again by pics of Palastinians dancing in the streets while our people were dying.

Funny how these pics just stopped showing up, isn’t it?

Perhaps it’s time we remind themselves of what we’re fighting for, and against.
And them listen… really listen, to the idiots going after Presdient Bush. They are placing their own political power over the security of our nation… as they did when the forign policy was set into motion that got us attacked in the first place.

Look at this display… and remind yourself.

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