I made mention of Zell Miller and his support of President Bush in this next election.
Here’s his write-up in the WSJ today.

The money line for me:

Believe me, I looked hard at the other choices. And what I saw was that the Democratic candidates who want to be president in the worst way are running for office in the worst way. Look closely, there’s not much difference among them. I can’t say there’s “not a dime’s worth of difference” because there’s actually billions of dollars’ worth of difference among them. Some want to raise our taxes a trillion, while the others want to raise our taxes by several hundred billion. But, make no mistake, they all want to raise our taxes. They also, to varying degrees, want us to quit and get out of Iraq. They don’t want us to stay the course in this fight between tyranny and freedom. This is our best chance to change the course of history in the Middle East. So I cannot vote for a candidate who wants us to cut and run with our shirttails at half-mast.

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