Boortz makes a point I’ve made before about this supposed ‘green stimulus’. It’s a contradiction in terms:

But here are the ugly facts … every “green job” that was funded by the Spanish government caused the loss of 2.2 regular jobs, or about 9 jobs lost for every 4 created. And – and this is a big one – only one out of the 10 newly created green jobs became a permanent job. In other words, folks. This isn’t long term stimulus. This is a government-created industry that will create a temporary surge in jobs that aren’t permanent and will squeeze out private sector growth.

Oh and there is more. Now Spain has been at it for about eight to ten years. And when this economic crisis hit, the study shows that Spain’s “green jobs” policy hindered its ability to cope with the crisis. Which is ironic, considering that Barack Obama feels that created “green jobs” will be America’s way of getting out of this crisis.

When the results are so dependably opposite of the stated goals, does it really make sense to take them at their word about what the goals are?  I’ll touch on another story of the like in the Nightly Ramble tonight.

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