Warning, do not drink the climate change Kool-Aid,  Warmists issue press release, disguised a scientific report, Washington Post publishes it, as it were news:

People don’t take hurricanes as seriously if they have a feminine name and the consequences are deadly, finds a new groundbreaking study.

Female-named storms have historically killed more because people neither consider them as risky nor take the same precautions, the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences concludes.

Until 1979 all hurricanes we given female names.

All you need to know, in one handy chart:

Hat tip:   Watts Up with That

Hat tip: Watts Up with That

Hat tip: Watts Up with That.

We are getting better at tracking hurricanes.   Better information means less deaths.  It is not sexism,  but rather technology.   Just don’t tell anybody at the Washington Post.


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