Clinton_Hillary_pretty_in_orangeEric wandered into the cesspool that is Mrs. Clinton.   I don’t suggest this is the total answer to Eric question, but is does illuminate Mrs. Clinton’s thought process, such as it is.   Part of Mrs. Clinton ignoring of security requirements was her need to keep her  pet snake Sidney “Sid Vicious” Blumenthal. On 19 May, Paul Mirengoff, wrote about a New York Slimes piece of Blumenthal, from Powerline:

The New York Times presents an account of Sidney Blumenthal’s memos to Hillary Clinton concerning Libya. For the benefit of our younger readers and those with short memories, I should say that during Bill Clinton’s presidency, Blumenthal was probably the slimiest of Team Clinton’s operatives, earning the nickname Sid Vicious.

For example, according to Christopher Hitchens, once Blumenthal’s good friend, vicious Sid spread defamatory stories about Monica Lewinsky. Hitchens swore in an affidavit that Blumenthal had told him this. Blumenthal denied both smearing Lewinsky and admitting it to Hitchens.


Blumenthal reprised his role as Clinton hatchet man during the 2008 campaign. Team Obama came to despise Blumenthal so much that President Obama barred Hillary Clinton from giving him a spot at the State Department.

Which brings us to 2011 and Libya. According to the New York Times account, a group of U.S. businessmen who hoped to do business in post-Qaddafi Libya retained Blumenthal. From all that appears, the Clintons’ hatchet man had zero experience with Libya or with the businesses the Americans hoped to establish there.

Plainly, Blumenthal was retained because of his connection to Secretary of State Clinton. The Times points out that the projects contemplated by the U.S. businessmen — creating hospitals and building schools — would have required State Department sign off (but they never got that far).

The Obama regimes barred Blumenthal, from Swampy Bottom, a/k/a the State Department. As Mrs. Clinton was not allowed to legally include Blumenthal in the security loop, she ignored inconvenient regulations and simply passed government secrets to her personal adviser.

Blumenthal was likely not the sole reason Mrs. Clinton created her home brewed internet system, but does illustrate her mindset, such as it is. To think, people used to call Mrs. Clinton, the Smartest Woman in the World. No more.