Of all places, this report comes to us from the usually very leftist CBC

QALAT, Afghanistan (AP) – Afghan officials claimed victory Wednesday after a nine-day siege by U.S and Afghan troops against suspected Taliban fighters holed up in a region of mountains and caves of southern Afghanistan.

Scores of Taliban guerrillas were killed and others retreated in Zabul province, local officials said.

In a sign that major fighting is over, about 600 Afghan troops have pulled out of Dai Chupan, a remote district of Zabul province, said Khalil Hotak, the province’s intelligence chief. That area has been the scene of the heaviest fighting since the Taliban’s fall from power in late 2001.

I’d like you to consider something, here.

Had the Afghan military command reported, say, “124 Allied dead, and 5 reported for the Taliban”, how do you suppose the press would react?
You can bet your left buttcheek that they’d be mouthing the word QUAGMIRE, before the echo of the explosions died away.

But that’s not what hapened. The Allied Afghan/US forces won… and won in fine, convincing fashion. And the press won’t tell us about it.
Guess the facts get in the way of their agenda.

And yes, I know the CBC is simply passing on what they got off the AP wire.
But can you explain why you’d not heard this story before reading it here on the net?

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