From the mailbag his morning, comes a note wondering why I’ve not been commenting on Wesley Clark tossing his oversized hat into the presidential ring.

The reasons, are rather simple: He’s had no elective office experience, has far too much Howard Dean to overcome, and so on. One or the other might not stop him. But both put together? This is a problem Clark will not overcome, even with the Clintons behind him, as they have been.

Interestingly, Matt Drudge asks this afternoon a question I’d not thought of:

Wesley Clark fundraiser for Republicans in 2001, for Pulaski County Republican Party (Little Rock)… December 2001: Clark registers to vote in Little Rock as independent… But in 2003, now he is a Democrat?…

The Clintons, for their part, Hitlery, particularly, are under serious pressure to run this year, from Democrats who understand what a disaster for the Democrats that a Howard Dean presidency would be.  Howard Dean has the Democrat nomination all but wrapped up, today, which means four more years of George W. Bush in the White House. How Hitlery will react to this situation, is the big question. Personally, I think she’ll do the obvious; she’ll run. The biggest indication we have for this, to my mind is her denial of it… Her claim she won’t run.

But in any event, Clark is going to be forgotten as a candidate by the time the snow melts in spring 2004.

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