Of all of Bush’s judicial nominees, Estrada by far had the best credentials. Considered highly qualified by the American Bar Association, Estrada actually worked in the Clinton administration’s solicitor general’s office. One would think that alone would get him some credit among the left. No such luck.

Estrada is a *conservative* Hispanic. Had he been selected, he would have served as an example of a minority that doesn’t swallow the far left Democrat mantra.  Ironicly, thereby, had Estrada not been Hispanic, he’d have had an easier time being confirmed.

Also, any conservative on the bench would be a threat to the Left’s continued legislating by judicial fiat, rather than by LAW. This combination of these two factors would be a long-term electorial disaster for the leftist radicals.

They could not allow this to happen. The Democrats need a permanant underclass to maintain power. Both the above factors are a threat to that grip on power. The lest, as I have said before is ultimatly racist, and this travisty against Estrada is as good an example as you need to see why I say that.

Is it any wonder that Hispanics are the now the fastest growing segment among the Republicans?

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