This was another of those 800 miles in a day trips. Literally.

We had the chance to visit the Open House at the Reading and Northern RailRoad.  I’ve been watching this great business develop over the years, from a more or less excursion only line with a couple bits of steam power in the early 80’s, to a money making freight rail service that still has extensive excursion service.

BMNR started back in 1983 as a 13 mile short line. They’ve since then grown under the direction of owner Andrew Muller Jr, to a point where they’ve grown from the original 13 miles to over 300 miles. In their words,

…. Reading & Northern serves over 50 customers on the Reading Division with diversity of commodities ranging from coal to bird seed and from potatoes to plastic…

It’s nice to see a business come to such success when they clearly hold the past in such high regard. They put on a really fine show. Note to Andy Muller: A great time.  From myself, and my family, thank you.
We left there in time to run to York PA for the York County fair… and had a great time there, too. Saw Trace Adkins and Lonestar.  If you’re from within driving distance of York next year, you may want to schedule a visit fr this annual event.

I did have a chance to do some thinking on “of where we are” and add some things, to make it a long-form BIT. It’s written in the Palm, and will be up tonight.

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