Some interesting text I found while doing some research on Hispanics vis’a’vie Estrada… in an article in the Alameda Times-Star

“While Mexican immigrants come to America no more or less poor, no more or less uneducated than previous waves of immigrants, they are far more resistant to assimilating into American culture. Hanson notes that, of the millions of Mexican immigrants legally admitted to this country since 1982, only 20 percent had bothered to become citizens by 1997.

A resistance to fully assimilating into American society and the de-emphasis of “American” in Mexican-American, has impeded the Mexican immigrant population’s upward mobility in California. That notion is borne out by data compiled by the Center for Immigration Studies, the Washington-based public policy group headed by immigration expert Mark Krikorian. Some 65 percent of Mexican immigrants in California are high school dropouts, according to the center, compared to only 7 percent of the native-born population. Some 41 percent of Mexican immigrant households are on the public welfare rolls, compared to 14 percent of natives.

The socio-economic status of Mexican immigrants barely improves over time. Nearly 55 percent of Mexican immigrants are living in or near poverty after residing here in this country more than 20 years. Some 45 percent are without health care after 20 years and 37 percent are still relying on welfare.”

This pretty much backs the argument I’ve been making for some time now. The issue isn’t racism, it’s refusal to become part of the American Culture. PAW; One’s success is not linked to race, by any means. Rather one’s success is linked directly to how completely one becomes part of the American Culutre.

Consider those blacks who have taken on the mainstream culture as their own, as opposed to the ‘black street culture’ (for lack of a better term….) Who will invariably do better in their lives?

Even liberals have to admit, if they are being logical, that universally, those who do better, regardless of race, or for that matter any other single factor, are people who have adopted the majority culture. We all know the examples of black individuals who have done so, for example. One could draw a parallel to the Asian ‘problems’ that the schools in California are having. The very reason Asians do well in our society is because they are more willing to adapt themselves to our society’s way of doing things, in their interactions with other people, most notably, teachers, and other students…. and employers.

The socioeconomic success achieved by whites is not due to racism, but rather is due to a demonstrably superior set of cultural values, work ethic, family, stress on education, what not.  For the large part these methods can be emulated. And universally, when these are so adopted, the individual succeeds at a far greater pace.

One could logically argue, therefore, that we do hispanics, and ALL minorities a diservice when we allow multi-lingaulism in our society. Are we creating a permanant dependant class of people by selling our own culture short? Who is it that pushes for such cultural mishmashes? Who pushes for multilingualism? And who would most benefit by such a dependant class as is created by such moves?

Democrats, of course.

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