It is something of an indication of where we are, in the state of the world, when we can pass our time, and our anger in comparative minutiae.  As someone else recently noted to me; when the exact location of Madonna’s tongue is front page news, you can pretty much figure we’re still here; that the threats we face are not larger, at least than they were the day before.

Of itself this suggests that the White House is doing a far better job than they’re being given credit for by the leftists who desperately want back into the place. Indeed, were any of the current crop of challengers to obtain it, I wonder if they could do as good a job and President Bush and his people have done?  Somehow, I tend to doubt it.

And I wonder if anyone else will make that connection?

Consider it; yes, we’re involved in a war. Yes, we must be vigilant. But the Islamofacists have not succeeded. To the degree possible, we’re in a state of normalcy that few would have predicted, two years ago today…. a normalcy that had we had different leadership, would certainly not exist today.

Conclusions?  No.  Other than they obvious one, of course… That Bush is a better leader than the afore-mentioned group would have you think, there’s no real conclusion, because so much of this game still needs to be played out. Still, we’re looking more hopeful than they’d like to admit.

And that, dear reader, is certainly something to think about, today.

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