Brendan Miniter writes an excellent column in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal Online.

“To overcome terrorism, Americans must remain willing to pay the price of mastering our emotions. We must not give into the cravenness of fear, nor the seduction of half-measures. America is, as Ronald Reagan said, the last, best hope of mankind because our resolve and courage are the best guarantors for freedom,”

For Americans to have moral authority, he says…

…” then as Americans we must act. Today we have a president who is willing to take the battle to the terrorists even in the face of international pressure to do nothing. But for too long as a nation we’ve allowed our culture, driven by a fear of offending anyone, to drift toward timidity.”

He goes on, speaking of Democrats, who…

“..offer us the middle ground between good and evil. The terrorists are now showing themselves in Iraq and giving us a chance to kill them. We vowed in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks never to forget. But those will prove to be empty words if we forget where we must continue to stand.”

Thing is, htere is no middle ground between good and evil.
Highly reccomended read.

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