Reuters is reporting this morning that Arnie has come out against illegals getting drivers licenses in California.

“I am an immigrant,” he said. “I waited for 10 years to get my American citizenship and I know first-hand how immigrants who come to this country and obey the laws have struggled to achieve their dreams. I am pro-immigrant. But we should not invite fraud or undermine law enforcement.”

The correct move, of course, but also a politically brilliant move. Consider the recent record of MEChA member Cruz Bustamante.  Your remember them… the ones with the motto…”For the race, everything. For those outside the Race, nothing.” Is it any wonder Bustamante is behind this bill? 
Based on thisI think Arnie has just won it; the bill is very unpopular.

Oh, I also note an interesting quote from the story…

Schwarzenegger also said he had returned a campaign contribution from the union representing Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies because he did not want to be compromised if elected governor.

“We don’t want to take money from unions,” the film star said. “We don’t want to get into something where we feel we owe something to the unions. That’s the biggest problem in Sacramento right now.”

Now, the voters have something to go on.  I’ve said it before; I’m somewhat non-plussed by Arnold Schwarzenegger being in office there. He’s no conservative. Yet, given the weird state of politics in that state, I’ve come to the conclusion that he would be an improvement.

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