According to an article published today in Annanova,

Violinist Martie Maguire told Spiegel magazine: “We don’t feel part of the country scene any longer, it can’t be our home any more.”

She said she was disappointed other country singers didn’t back up the Dixie Chicks in their criticism of George W Bush’s politics on Iraq.

Translation: their numbers are dropping like a stone in the country world. The Country world has rejected them for the anti-American views. As such, they’re trying to make it where the far left is more plentiful; Rock and Roll.

So, three stupid blond chumps playing bluegrass for a rock crowd. Yeah, this will work, huh?
I said it before when Maines first came up with her anti-American screed; The Ditzy Chumps are toast.
This proves I was right, all along.

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