I know… I’ve posted both my thoughts the 2nd night after the attacks, here in the Blog, and my more organized thoughts in the BITS. But for some reason, this morning, I find myself angry. This is a deep, abiding anger, that my writings of the last couple years on this point do not do justice to.

Crime, or act of war?

CBS News ought to get spanked on this one. They’re repeatedly referring to the events of 9/11 as ‘The Crime of 9/11″. I know they’re smart enough to understand that there is a major difference between a crime and an act of war. So are we to assume that what they’re trying to do here is bend our will, and that of our military?

It’s true; our enemies in this war don’t drive Tanks, don’t ride in APC’s and certainly don’t wear uniforms. But make no mistake…this is a war none the less.  It should be treated as such. It has been by the President. The anti-American left, however, is trying to convince us a war isn’t needed.

They’re wrong.

There is one surefire way to identify the enemies of America, and it’s one you won’t hear the press talk much about today; The attackers, our enemies, are adherents to Islam. You’ll hear “Terrorist” today, but I’ll bet you don’t hear Islam mentioned in the same breath… for fear of offending someone or other. Typical liberalism. Ignore the obvious grouping, even if it exposes you to more harm.

Let’s look at our current status.

Thanks to the leadership of President Bush, Al Quieda’s leadership has been all but destroyed.  bin Laden is likely dead. But even if he is alive, he’s been reduced to threats delivered by audio tape of questionable origins. The training camps have been shut down, most of the leadership is dead, jailed, or on the run. Instead of attacking our citizens, they’re forced to defend themselves from our military, which is why the attacks outside of Iraq (and Israel) have all but halted.

The rabid dogs that saw us as fear- filled, soft, gutless, who saw us as an easy pushover, and so attacked us, have had their heads returned to them via parcel post. This is no small accomplishment, though the left tries to separate the victory from it’s import, and from the man who led us to it.

Al Quieda’s connections in Iraq unquestionable, now
Connections between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaida that have always existed, are now seen and understood by all but the loudest anti-Americans. In this, I include the anti-Bush at all costs Democrats… Including all of the Democrats currently running for the Presidential Nomination of that party. 

There is no longer any question that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was training Islamic terrorists south of Baghdad at a place called the Salman Pak Training Facility.  This point has been repeatedly confirmed both documentation found by our troops as they wade through the mass of documentation, but also by Iraqi defectors.

We also know, through financial records, that Saddam Hussein was paying millions to Ayman al-Zawahiri, who was bin Laden’s chief deputy. It’s only the anti-Americans who claim this is false that the troops and the defectors are lying, else that it’s been “exaggerated.”  Again, in this title of ‘anti-Americans” I include liberal Democrats. Given their anti-American actions, you should as well.

Actions we can take to defend America

Sullivan points up this morning a quote from Jonathan Schell, which seems to say it all; it sums up the anti-Americanism embedded in the left wing:

“Biden says we must win the war. This is precisely wrong. The United States must learn to lose this war Ã?– a harder task, in many ways, than winning, for it requires admitting mistakes and relinquishing attractive fantasies. This is the true moral mission of our time (well, of the next few years, anyway).” – Jonathan Schell, saying out loud what many on the Left believe, and have long believed. Good that some of them are finally being more honest about their loathing of the West.

The Democrats should not be trusted, having been exposed as liars,and as anti-American to the core.Those who vote for Democrats are electing the enemies of America. It’s really that simple, that direct, and that profound…. Their goals, if realized, will weaken us to our destruction.  They should certainly not be allowed anywhere near the reins of power.

To give this point some focus, (this cannot be overstated) consider that we’d not be discussing this at all, that 9/11 would never have happened at all, had their hero Bill Clinton, actually done what he swore to do when he took the oath of office…. to protect our country.

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