Boortz is running a bit this morning that caught my eye….

Virginia Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has a thing or two to say about the Democrat’s treatment of Estrad:.  “You can do all the right things in America, but if you do not agree with Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton, you need not apply as a federal judge. This is the message that Democrats hope minorities, in particular, get from their victory as they succeeded in repelling a talented man, who happens to be Hispanic, from public service. For the hard left, Miguel Estrada was not qualified to be a federal judge because he would not march to their drumbeat.”

And, it appears, that we have more of this going on, as well.

Says Hitlery, in an article on the Reuters wires this morning: “I will personally block the nomination of the president’s new choice for the Environmental Protection Agency”

Under Senate rules, any senator may place a hold on a nomination to prevent it from coming up for a vote.

Frankly, I’m unhappy about her supposedly representing me…. I always said it would take a lot for me to find someone worse to represent NY than Chuckles Schumer. Hitlery qualifies.

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