Deb, over at Insomnomaniac, seems to have tapped into the feel of the country rather well, here. This passage is yet another reason to keep that Blog permlinked to my own.

….the Democratic party doesn’t want me as its constituent. The Democratic party doesn’t care about the things I care about, and doesn’t want me to be the best I can be. It doesn’t ask me what I can DO for the country, and it doesn’t tell me that “fear” is all I have to fear.

No, instead, this party seems to preach fear, doom, gloom, hatred, mistrust, animosity, divisiveness and anger at all the wrong people. I should be beating myself up for being white, ashamed of my country, guilty for “bringing terrorism” upon myself, begging so-called “allies” for forgiveness, and generally feeling shitty about myself and everyone around me who isn’t just like me.

The Democratic party asks me to believe a baby isn’t really a person if its mother says it’s not, right up until the day it’s born. They want me to believe we all have some Constitutional “right to privacy” except when we want to teach our kids at home. They want me to worry incessantly about protecting civil rights and free speech, unless I decide I want to pray in school, post the Ten Commandments at my desk at work, make decisions about my child’s health care myself or hire, fire and admit people to college based on merit, not on the color of their skin or the gender with which they’ve chosen to identify.

These candidates not only don’t represent what I believe, they seem to openly mock, deride and disrespect it as well, and that’s what turns me off the most. Disagree with me? No problem. Stand by your convictions? Good for you. Accuse me of being “evil” because I think abortion is an abomination, or tell me I’m a “racist” because I want to call “illegal” immigrants ILLEGAL, and you will be on the receiving end of my full-throttle disgust.

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