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Putting a Boot up Max, from Max Boot, Commentary:

ContentionsTime for Close Air Support in Libya

“We do not provide close air support for the opposition forces. We protect civilians.” So says Gen. Carter Ham, head of Africa Command, who is apparently running the war in Libya at least for the moment. My question is: why on earth not? The best bet for toppling Qaddafi is to combine coalition airpower with rebel ground attacks: the same formula that worked in Kosovo in 1999 and in Afghanistan in 2001. Why aren’t we doing the same thing in Libya?

Let an old flyboy educate you Max, Close Air Support requires Forward Air Controllers.  While I am not opposed to putting some officer in the line of fire, to do so would require forces on the ground in Libya, which so far beyond the limits of what the Obami brain trust, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Bacack Obama has promised.

Will Power, George Will destroys Barack Obama’s Mrs. Clintno’s.

Hat tip: Blog Prof.

Where arth thou Mrs. Shehan, John Hawkin explores the mystery of the peace dog which did not bark, from Townhall:

It seems like it was just yesterday when we had an “imperialist warmonger” in the White House who was going to be replaced by a peace-loving Democrat who promised “hope” and “change” instead. It’s funny how that worked out, isn’t it? We still have troops in Iraq, we’ve escalated the war in Afghanistan, and now we’re bombing everything that moves in Libya. Yet, the same liberals who were protesting in the streets and calling George Bush a war criminal have mostly been meek and quiet about the fact that the President they supported has been following in George Bush’s footsteps.

So, the obvious question is, “Did you lefties believe ANY of the crap you were spewing about the war on terrorism before Obama got into office?”

8.  Where are the human shields?

Professor Williams holds class,  Walter E. Williams takes to teaching basic economic, to those who should know better, from Creators:

Economic lunacy abounds, and often the most learned, including Nobel Laureates, are its primary victims. The most recent example of economic lunacy is found in a Huffington Post article titled “The Silver Lining of Japan’s Quake” written by Nathan Gardels, editor of New Perspectives Quarterly, who has also written articles for The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Times and Washington Post.

Note that Doctor Williams is not citing some radical new and novel theory,   The economist Doctor Williams cites, Frederic Bastiat, died in 1850.    Shame supposed economists like Paul Krugman never studies, or forgot, Bastiat.

A thug by any other name,  SEIU  thugs storm bank, from Jason Mattera, Human Events:

Now comes a story from northeast Pennsylvania, where hordes of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) fanatics stormed a bank demanding to speak to its CEO. When the request was rebuffed, the hooligans erupted into the mindless chants of “Respect our vote” and “We’ll be back.”

Private sector unions don’t benefit by killing the companies which employ them.   Public sector unions have no such restraint.

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