DavidL's Breakfast ScrambleLawrence Taylor charged with statutory rape, from Jammie Wearing Fool, and Ace

Football Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor was arrested in a Rockland hotel overnight and charged with raping a 15-year-old girl, police said.

The 51-year-old former linebacker for the New York Giants was taken into custody by Ramapo police. He was being held in the town jail with an arraignment in Town Court scheduled for this afternoon.

He was charged with third-degree rape, a charge that involves having intercourse with a minor. The victim was reportedly beaten during the attack

Needless to say, Taylor is presumed innocent until proven guilty.   However will Obama wait for Taylor’s conviction before appointing him to the cabinet?

California school punishes patriotism, from Zombie, Pajamas Media:

Five students at a South Bay high school stirred up some controversy Wednesday for wearing t-shirts depicting red, white and blue American flags on Cinco de Mayo.

School officials at Live Oak High in Morgan Hill told the students they had to go home if they wouldn’t turn the shirts inside out.

One of the students said it appeared school administrators were worried the patriotic shirts could trigger fights.

Some students at Live Oak High in Morgan Hill said others were planning to come to school Thursday wearing red, white and blue

Keep the students in school.  Send the principle, and the wetbacks, home.

Predator missile strike in the Beltway? Steve Gilbert, Sweetness & Light quotes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

Rest assured that he’s [Usama bin Laden] in Washington. I think there’s a high chance he’s there.

Film at Eleven.

Turd Flower on presidential civility, and leadership, Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal

Karl Rove

:If Mr. Obama is serious about his commitment to courtesy and respect, then he will need to demonstrate presidential leadership and rein in the verbal excesses of the leaders of his own party. He could start by having a conversation with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who condemned those with different views on health care as being “un-American.” He might also share a word with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who recently accused Republicans of being “anti-American” and wanting to continue to “make love to Wall Street” by pressing for changes in a bill regulating the financial industry.

You have to give away what you want to receive.  If person, even a president, wants reppect, he has give respect.   A major problem for Dm Won, a/k/a President of the United States Barack Obama, that he shows respect to one.    Dim Won demands respect, but give none.   No wonder he gets none.   It ain’t rocket science, but Obama is no rocket scientist.

Bitsblog PSA: Helping out the ‘rats in PA ,  from Open Left, video:

Heck the ad is all true and I really don’t like Specter.   Plus, I didn’t care for Dubya selling out to the rat.

How much is Newsweak worth, Roger Simon, Pajamas Media.

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